Public Judgements That Have Been Removed From The Internet


Here are some pertinant public judgements (most recent first)  that have been serendipitiously removed from the web and also BAILII.

Re C in the case of C -v- C

Neutral Citation Number: [2004] EWCA Civ 1723

Court Of Appeal Reference: B1/2004/2116, United Kingdom

Synopsis: Appeal against an Order made by HHJ David Ticehurst banning a fathers Common Law right to protect himself against a recalcitrant and hostile mother who repeatedly manufactured and makes all manor of false allegations. The mother is repeatedly allowed to break HMCTS Court Orders with sheer impunity by David Ticehurst, DJ Murphy, DJ Field, HHJ Meston QC, HHJ Tyzack QC and several other very accommodating court Judges.

In this case the mother had manufactured more false allegations (to the police and courts) when the children flatly refused to return to her during a visiting weekend with the hapless father.

The mother (who has an exceptionally wealthy and influential family - information from private sources) had previously strongly commented on by LJ Ward in March 2004 as being dishonest, deceitful, hostile, premeditaing and acting agaist the best interests of her very own children.



Re C in the case of C -v- C

Neutral Citation Number: [2004] EWCA Civ 512

Court Of Appeal Reference: B1/2004/0139, United Kingdom

Synopsis: Appeal against a seriously incompatible actions of a judge (DJ Nicholas Murphy, DJ Field & HHJ Cutler) in the case of C -v- C in Childtren Act proceedings in the United Kingdom. LJ stongly condems the actions of a premiditating and recalitrant mother in Act Proceedings.

During the actual appeal, it was witnessed that LJ Ward required a copy of his judgememt also be sent to Salisbury County Court in the United Kingdom. There have been several strange inexplicable and seriously incompatible happenings  with the Judges linked to this and the South Western Circuit of Judges. The mother has an exceptionally weathy, well connected and influential family.

LJ Ward with force, strongly condems the actions of the mother as 'she should reflect in the deep dark hours' as her 'premiditaing' conduct was 'against the best interests of her very own children'.



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